Flashing without zero-modem

You need:

The Dbox2-Bootmanager , this ppcboot , a Dbox in the Debug-mode, as well as a functioning network.

Copy the ppcboot to any directory (no blanks). Use this ppcboot as "Bootfile für Dbox" and activate "Bootp/Tftp-Server starten".
Name your desired image to 13.imgr and put it into the same directory as ppcboot.

Attitudes for the boat manager:
BootP/TFTP server: Enabled
NFS server: Disabled
In addition, a serial zero-modem is not necessary with this method, it harms not.

Now press Start and start the Dbox.

After short time Flashing in the LCD of the box appears.
The Flashig lasts somewhat longer than with zero-modem. (up to 20 minutes, is different from box to box)
Wait a little. If the Flashing is final, Flashing Done in the LCD appears and you can plug off the box.
Remember the boat manager to terminate, before you start the box again, otherwise the Flashing is again introduced.


Further assistance

For problems you can visit the forum.
Or visit the IRC Channel # dbox2. As server you can use irc.freenet.de or another server from icrnet.


Copyright (C) 2002 by Dietmar Hoelscher and DrImp